Monday, June 16, 2014


Having warm cum splash on my tongue or against the roof of my mouth is almost enough to make me cum. I loved Jared's load because it spewed out so forcefully and nearly filled my mouth. I swallowed some of it, but I kept some under my tongue as I continued to suck. It wasn't until he told me to lick it nice and clean that I swallowed the rest of his load and licked him until he was satisfied. Jared stood up and began putting his clothes back on as I stood back, watching and trying to adjust my underwear to accommodate my own hard piece.

He talked again. He asked me what I did besides suck cock. I told him I was out of work because I had quit a dish washing job in Chicago and had just moved to Detroit to live with my dad.
He said, "You don't look like a sissy boy...(Read More)

                                CHUBBY BOSS GETS
                                FUCKED IN THE ASS
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