Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I was always questioning my sexuality. I was not attracted to guys as such, but the thoughts were there. Well this one day, I won't ever forget... It was a sunny morning in September. I woke up, jumped out of bed, into the shower. Got dressed and went for breakfast. I was meeting up with a buddy after breakfast.

Once I got to his place. He was just getting up. We went to his bedroom starting chatting and talk turned to sex! Then it happened the "would you do it with a guy question? "Well I have thought about what it might be like. Nothing else was said... he got up, went to have a shower. After about 5mins, I heard him call me.. I went towards the bathroom, knocked on the door!

"Come in" my buddy said I went in. He was naked in the shower... Cock stiff! He told me, "I'm Bisexual, I want you!" I didn't know what to say or do??? All these thoughts running through my head then without realizing what I was doing. I went over to him, got in the shower with him. We soaped each other up, then washed each other off.

While I was bending over drying off... He took me! I was on all fours, we collapsed in a heap on the floor kissing and exploring each others body. after and hour of taking that dick. We got up, went back to his bedroom where I milked him to completion. We spent all afternoon in bed having sex! It was the best day of my life...My Buddy is now my Partner as well!


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