Friday, November 6, 2015


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Two Loads For Me

I was off work around lunch time and had the strong urge to suck a cock.  So went to search through online posts to see if anyone was in need.  I was looking for older, since I'm 55.  Yes,  on this day there was someone who needed release.  He invited me to his garage.

About 20 minutes later I arrived horny and ready.  He invited me in to his garage where he had an office set up.  He asked me to get undressed and sit on the couch.  He came over and pulled his cock out.  I admired it, then grabbed it and put it in my mouth.  What a nice feeling to have a hard cock throbbing inside my mouth.  As I started to work on it, I could here footsteps above and people speaking.

I became nervous when the footsteps sounded like they were coming downstairs to the garage.  I stopped, his cock in my mouth, when someone started to talk to him through the closed door.  He responded, then they went back upstairs while I continued to suck on his cock.  I was nervous, but incredibly horny.

I worked on his cock and balls for 20 minutes.  Slobbering all the way.  While this was going on, his cell phone kept sending him text and email notifications.  Again with his cock in my mouth, he made a business call.  Then he read some text messages.  As he was standing all this time, he asked for a break.  So, reluctantly I let it slide out of my mouth.

He continued to respond to texts.  Eventually, he mentioned that he invited someone over.  He wanted me to suck this other guys cock.  I said sure the more the merrier.

About 10 minutes later this guy comes in wearing athletic shorts and a t-shirt.  I guessed he was around 45.  I was sitting on the couch naked, stroking my meat.  The 60 year old was at his desk sending out business communications.  The 45 year old came over to me and pulled his shorts down.  My eyes must have shown my surprise.  His cock was at least 9 inches.

Immediately I started to work on the beast.  I thought beast was a good name for a 9 incher.  Slowly, I took it in my mouth and started to love the limp beast like no tomorrow.  He became hard and I sucked even faster.  I was proud of myself as I controlled my gag reflex, enough that he moaned and moaned.  Within 5 five minutes or so, he took over fucking my face.  I grabbed his ass cheeks and helped him penetrate my mouth.

During all of this the 60 year old was watching from his desk, stroking his cock.  I watched him stroke while my face was being fucked.  Suddenly the beast started to shutter, his cum shooting down my throat.  As I was swallowing I noticed the guy at the desk shooting his load.  He pulled the beast out of my mouth, I stroked it more to get every last drop.  He thanked me and pulled up his shorts.  I immediately went over and licked up the other guys cum.

I dressed with cum on my face.  As I returned to my car licking the cum, I was thinking, I came here to suck one cock and ended getting two for one.  What a happy ending for all three of us!

New York, New York, USA

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