Monday, July 28, 2014

OWNED was fully in and he was forcibly blasting it in my body. this must have gone on forever and he told me "now its time for me to finish." i go back to servicing his cock and all feel a blast of warm cum shoot down my throat. he laughs and shots more down me. he pulls his cock out and puts more on my face. he tells me its my turn now and he lays on his bed and shoves his dick up my ass and tells my to hop and jerk so he can fuck me while i cum. in no time my load shots all over his body and he told me lick all of this cum of his body so we can get ready for the next thing. he lays under the covers and tells me to put my head on in his ass(READ MORE)

                          IS IT TRUE... ONCE YOU GO BLACK?


 Fat Gay Guy Offers His Sweet Butthole


My Big Nut 
 Guy called me up and wanted to have phone sex. Not usually my thing, but I was so turned on by him. Came like I spilled glue. I used this glove to capture my nut for display! That felt amazing... I hope he calls me again. Cheers to all the sexy voice men out there who get guyd off like me over the phone!!!!!

SFO, LAX, DFW, United States

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