Monday, November 9, 2015

Natural Male Enhancement

Solutions and Staying Power

Before you buy any male enhancement products, it's important to understand what goes wrong in the male body, and why sexual performance is lacking. There are three main problems with staying power or "stamina" in sex. Understanding why these problems happen may give you insight, and may help reduce your supplemental options.

Three Problems with Staying Power

First, there's the problem of impotence or erectile dysfunction. Impotence is a total lack of sexual arousal, to the point where the man can't get erect even if he tries to do so. Erectile dysfunction involves weak erections, semi-hard erections or a man's inability to keep an erection for more than a few minutes. What is at the cause of ED? Usually, it's related to a psychological cause, such as anxiety, stress, sexual phobias or a lack of sufficient arousal.

It could also be related to general health, as a poor diet and a lack of exercise could cause problems with blood flow and prostate health. Last but not least, a man may be suffering from low testosterone. In this case, he may benefit from a testosterone booster, a healthier diet, or even male hormone replacement therapy (in extreme cases).

Another area of poor stamina is in premature ejaculation. A man may be able to get and sustain erections, but still have trouble holding off ejaculation during intercourse. These problems also tend to be psychological in nature; a history of fast masturbation, sexual phobias and a lack of foreplay are all common causes for this problem. Treatment ideas can come from various sources, including product manufacturers, therapists or even one's own partner. These cures might consist of extended foreplay with regular sexual stamina exercises, numbing agents, blood flow boosting supplements or a new repertoire of sexual positions.

Lastly there is general fatigue which can affect some men who do not regularly exercise, or who come home from a hard day's work in an exhausted state. In this case, a general energy enhancer (perhaps ginseng or B vitamins) could prove effective.

Manly Ways to Get Help

Of course, one of the most challenging aspects is getting help for the problem, especially for men who are not in a committed relationship. It's easy to ask a partner for patients, but not so easy to tell your date about your ED problems. This is why many men turn to supplements, which can be practically invisible to a lover.

This is an option, especially if you use numbing agents, which can be surreptitiously included in some men's condoms. Aphrodisiacs, which increase libido, and supplements that help with prostate health can also be a smart idea. Products involving vacillation mimic the effects of Viagra and may be what you need for one night of passion.

If you choose to treat this condition without supplements, then it may help to extend the foreplay session and help your partner orgasm first, before trying penetration. Some men find that masturbating a short time before intercourse occurs can help create a stronger erection the second time around. Just don't try the penis pump. That's the opposite of inconspicuous.

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