Monday, November 30, 2015


He pushed me on the bed, and I fell on my back. He took my legs up to his  shoulders and held them tight while he drove his cock toward my ass hole. He  pushed slowly at first, then in a sudden strong push he managed to let his dick  head in. I almost screamed with pain, but just a moan came out. He kept like  this for some time, then, when my hole relaxed, pushed again, and his cock went  all the way in. Gently he was coming in and out my ass now, I could feel  emptiness with each time he left my insides, than filled again with both pain  and pleasure. With each move in and out of me, I would stroke my dick up and  down and, each time we were going faster and faster until we both shot our loads  at the same time: he came in my ass, I came in his face. He fell on me, and we  slept till the next morning.

Cumcrvr SF

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