Saturday, March 19, 2016


When my wife was at work I called him up and we arranged to meet up. He came to my house. I met him at the door and oh man he turned out to be such a stud. He was 6 feet tall, almost taller than me, had dark brown hair that was a bit curly. We went inside the house. I offered him to pick porn to watch and while he was choosing the DVD I went to the bathroom and came back wearing only boxers.

He was sitting on my couch still in his jeans and t-shirt. I inserted the disk he chose and sat down next to him. I asked him if he had any experience in fucking with guys and he told me he fucked with two guys at a different time. I offered him to go to the bathroom and lied down on the couch.

When he came back he sat down next to me. I got up and sat up straight very close to him. There was this feeling like we were afraid of each other. But the longing to try was overtaking me. I put my hand ion his leg and moved it all around. He sat there motionless. He was silent. I unzipped his pants and began to touch his dick.

Dude got up and took off his pants. He was left standing there in his boxers.

I grabbed his cock. It wasn’t big, but it was a fat dick. It was the first time in my life that I saw another guy’s penis this close. I slowly took his dickhead inside my mouth and began to lick. He stood there with his hands down, he wasn’t breathing it seemed to me. He was starring at me.

His dick got really hard and I thought that was the time. He understood me with no words. He put me down on the couch and took out lubricant out of his jeans pocket. He put it on his dick which grew like four times bigger than it was in the beginning. I took off my boxers and he pulled my legs up. He moved me butt cheeks apart and began to put the gel on my butthole. Slowly his finger was entering me right in there I felt his dickhead touching me He pushed it harder and it hurt me a little. I asked him if we could switch positions. We lied down in the spoon position. He squeezed me and cuddled with his entire torso against my back and that was something. I pulled my legs apart and put my hand in between. I took his dick.

It was leaning against my anal and he pushed. I felt his dick going inside my ass. I screamed either from pain or from unexpected sensation. He wasn’t hurrying. He took it slow.

I was lying there holding a pillow and he waited a bit. He pushed in again and entered me further more. My poor ass has never felt anything like that. He put his hand on my hip and slowly moved in and out, back and force. He was moving inside me. I can’t fully tell you all the feeling I felt back than. That was something absolutely unbelievable.

I was lying and I let him do anything he wanted to me. I felt his balls touching me. He was sensual. I felt his warm breath, his lips were touching my neck, he was kissing me and I moved along to meet his dick inside my butt.
That was amazing. A few moments later he asked me if I wanted to switch positions. I let him do anything, I said.

His cock slipped out and he put me lying on my back. He took my leg and kinda moved it on a side. That way we could see each others eyes. I moaned. I liked it. He went it rougher.
He was holding my knee and I closed my eyes. I moaned from time to time and then I said I felt uncomfortable.

I wasn’t feeling shy anymore. I imagined I was my wife and he was me. He was going faster and faster and I thought he was gonna cum soon. The slap of his body against mine was all over the room and I begged him to fuck me harder and harder.

A few minutes later he took his dick out lied down next to me and asked for a 69. He took my dick inside his mouth and I let his go inside my mouth. I couldn’t last longer and shoot on his chest. He licked off my dick and put his hand on my neck. He started fucking my mouth and I squeezed his balls.

I was trying to guess if his balls were ready to explode. I made a few more moves before he shot inside my throat. Oh, the taste of a male sperm was something.

I closed my eyes and lied down next to him. I did everything I wanted to try. We lied in silence. He was caressing my ass. Soon we got up and had some tea. Before he left we kissed with tongue and everything and promised each other we’ll meet up soon.

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