Wednesday, July 20, 2016


I had never been with a black man before but I was extremely excited to give this Daddy a try. He told me that if I was really into it that it would be an experience I would never forget. However he said "You have to do what I tell you, no questions asked." I told him I'm not into pain and if that was fine with him, then I'll do whatever he asks. Within limits. He looked at me and said "What limits?" and laughed.

We walked to my bedroom, I closed the door. As I turned around, Barry was standing in front of my rubbing that gorgeous cock again and said "Come here, get on your knees and take my cock out." "Yes sir" I said and knelt down in front of him, unzipped his pants, reached in and pulled out the massive black cock. "Stroke it". "Yes sir" and started stroking it. As I did it got bigger and bigger until it was standing straight out of his pants.

It was the most beautiful and biggest cock I had ever seen as I stroked it gently. "Pull down my pants" he said. "Yes sir" and I undid his pants and they slid down his legs and dropped to the floor. I noticed the largest, round balls I had ever seen. They were almost perfectly round and about the size of a baseball. Like his cock, they were gorgeous and shaved. He took his cock from me and stroked it as I watched in fascination. "You like this cock, don't you"? "You want to make love to it, don't you?" Not taking my eyes off this beautiful black cock and balls, all I could say was "Yes". "what do you want"? - "I want your cock"!

Greedily I reached up, cupped his huge black balls and began kissing them. Rolling them around with my tongue, licking the underside, making sure to kiss each black ball separately, never taking my eyes off his as he stood in front of me smiling. I listened to him moaning as I was making love to his big black balls while he stroked that huge black cock that I wanted so badly. After a few minutes of licking, sucking and kissing his big black balls he pulled away from me and said "Open your mouth" I obeyed and as I opened my mouth he started rubbing his massive cock on my lips, teasing me he kept saying "You want this cock don't you. I think you need it don't you?. I think you're a cock sucker who loves black cock aren't you? Aren't you ?" "I'm a black cock whore" I repeated.

Suck My Cock bitch" and Barry shoves that big beautiful black cock in my mouth and I wantonly start sucking for all I was worth. It was huge and felt like it was getting bigger the more I sucked. Here it comes bitch, you want my cum? Tell me, what you want sub, beg me for it." Removing my mouth from his black cock I agreed "Yes sir, please give me your cum, I want you to cum in my mouth, I want to taste your cum."

Suddenly I could feel his cock swell and spurt into my mouth. I couldn't believe how much cum was coming out of his cock. It hit the back of my throat and I gagged a bit but not wanting to disappoint Barry, I dealt with the gagging as best as I could as I continued to swallow every drop of cum. "Yeah, take every drop. Suck out the cum sub. Suck it all out" and I did. I sucked and sucked for all I was worth as Barry stood over me stroking his massive cock in my mouth and cumming. I never knew anyone could cum as much, but I was in heaven and didn't care. I wanted everything this beautiful black cock had and I just kept sucking. Barry stood there a few minutes, trembling as he shot load after load into my mouth.

Finally, after several spasms he was able to say "You took it all. That's what I thought you'd do. You really do want to be my sub bitch you cock sucker." As his cock slowly drops from my mouth, I look at him and say "Damn that was incredible. I never knew someone could cum so much. Yes, I will be your sub bitch if you want me to"!

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