Wednesday, July 20, 2016


I've had several fun-filled experiences , after I read a squirt listing and made my first visit on the next day. Let me tell you, this place is a nasty, nasty place with layers of cum and spit lining the floors and walls. Every time a truck rumbles down the road, the building nearly threatens to fall down. This makes it all the more hot when looking for some nasty bookstore time!

I headed there one night after work to see what kind of trouble I could get into. My asshole was twitching to be fucked, filled, drilled real good tonight! I was hoping to find some hot Black cock. Black men really know what type of service they want and will almost always hint at what part of your body they want most by sliding their hand down your back. I love submitting to hot Black men in bookstores.

When I get to the store, pay my $4.00 and go in. I'm wandering around upstairs, downstairs watching a couple of movies. I go upstairs and walk past this cute ethnic looking, business dressed guy. I look him straight in the eye; lick my lips and head back upstairs, hoping he'll follow.

I walk down the hallway to the back room I had just left and looked over my shoulder to see if he's following me. Hot damn! He's at the top of the stairs and sees me down the hall. I go into the room and wait. He comes in, locks the door, I reach up and pinch his nipple through his shirt and rub the bulge showing up in his slacks. Damn, its getting big.

He unbuttons his shirt and I start undoing his belt. I want to get at his fat Black dick! I get his pants undone and out plops this fat dick with a mushroom head! Omg, I can't wait to wrap my lips around it. In the back of my mind I'm praying he'll want to fuck my hole deep with this fat cock.
I pull out some fresh poppers, and take a hit in each nostril. He asks for them and takes a hit himself. "Damn," I go to town on his fat chocolate cock!

I take my shirt off and throw it on the bench, drop my pants and sink back down to my knees, sucking on his cock. After a couple of minutes I feel his hand start sliding down my back towards my ass. "Oh fuck yeah!" I think to myself and really start lubing his dick up with my saliva. He pulls me up, turns me around and bends me over. I take a couple more hits off the poppers and moan while he spits in my ass, fingering my hole, getting it even more loosened for his fat black dick. This sexy fucker really knows what he wants and how to go about getting it. By the time he's done, I'm begging for his dick to fill me up with hot cum!

He takes a couple hits of the poppers, and starts pushing his dick into my ass. He reaches around with the bottle and I take a couple of hits and feel my hole give way and he slowly inches his dick into my ass. I moan; Gosh, it feels good. "Fuck me," I say and pushed back on his dick.

He starts going to town, long-fucking my ass while I'm bent over moaning. "Oh yeah, fuck my ass" I moan and he does. He fucks me for several minutes and several hits of poppers. I feel his dick get rock hard and he pushes it all the way in. Oh fuck yeah! He shoots his hot Black cum in my ass. I moan and he lies on my back, breathing hard. He pulls out and shakes his dick. We get dressed and he leaves first. I just shut the door and savor the hot fucking I just had. My legs are tired from being bent over and I feel like a nasty whore, but I don't care. I get dressed and leave. I'm definitely coming back for more hard black dicks to drain!

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