Friday, July 22, 2016


It was a Friday night and somehow I had a ticket to get out of the house, so I drove a few towns over for some good down low male bonding! I really want to get fucked. The sexclub was in a suburbs, private home, nice neighborhood, but once you opened the door the scene quickly changed. I opened the door and the beat of the music pulsed and I felt the excitement of pleasure was at your hands and feet! I paid my entry fee and was given a towel. Plenty of black guys, were sitting around watching porn. I went to douche and shower. When I fuck I like to be squeaky clean. I cleaned up, towel down and headed into a roomful of naked men. I was getting hit on as soon as I walked in the door. There was a guy I knew, but not by name... I had sucked him to completion several times and I knew his big hard cock well! I wanted to be his. I noticed someone standing near me watching. It was the guy who had called me over in the beginning of this tryst, but now he was dressed. I stood up and my fucker buried his face in my neck while he pulled on my nipples. My clothed friend then leaned in and kissed me. I innately reached and grabbed his cock with my hand while I tightened my asshole to make my pussy contract on the fucker’s fuck stick. My clothed friend stepped back and stripped, again. He climbed on the table that I was again clutching for balance and presented his erection to me. I eagerly took him in my mouth. It was heavenly, one in the front and one in my rear. I sucked him and his hands roamed my skin. My two spit roasters leaned over my body and kissed. I sucked him as though he were the last cock on earth, deep and strong. My fucker was turned on by the scene playing out in front of him and began to ravage my pussy ferociously. It was steamy lusty porn, if only there had been a camera!
I was moaning and asking him to fuck me harder deeper, in between deep plunges on the sword I Old Faithful, he spurted his black cum into my throat, then my face, then back in my mouth…His cock and body went limp but I had to please the cock in my ass too…I stood partial and turned only to be ravenously kissed, exchanging some cum between my mouth and his. He was fucking me hard, his arm wrapped around my torso feeling my tits, and the other pulling my balls, then my cock. I felt like I was going to explode just when I heard him moan, low and from his gut. “I am cumming inside you…” I felt his body spasm and his gooey warmth against my walls. He continued to fuck me and squeeze my cock. Then he released and held my hips and jammed himself as deeply as he could. I felt the strength of his orgasm inside me and as I felt his black cum stream down my leg I lost complete control and shot my load onto the floor and table, without my cock even being stroked. He held me and I felt his cock soften and exit my tunnel. He turned me around and held me while the other friend who had cum in my mouth held me from the other side. I was in bliss, full of cum and I felt fulfilled having provided good service, and taken cum from two hot men.

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