Saturday, July 16, 2016


We were both feeling high from the drinks. Halfway through the dance, he would fondle my nipples. Sometimes he would lift up my tee to lick my nipples hard. His hands would grab my dick but I didn't mind!
We got a few more Remy shots at the bar. Mark brought me back to the dance floor for another round of dancing. My dick pressing against my briefs and jeans. I was in ecstasy and my pre-cum was drooling. We returned to the bar for another round of Remy shots. I was already feeling buzzed. After the last 2 shots, my vision became blurred and lost control of myself. I did not remember what happened next. All I knew was, someone kept rubbing my crotch, and I was feeling hornier by the minute. I was brought to a room in a different place. It looks like a hotel. I felt a sharp pain on my nipples. I saw Mark in front of me. He clipping a pair of nipple clamps on me. My jeans were removed. Mark was only wearing his tank top and briefs. I was in my tight white tee and briefs. The clamps were biting hard on my nipples. I was shocked to see a big camera in front of me. I had some many questions in my mind. Before I could ask, Mark took my lips and kissed me. His hands were stroking my head. I felt so secure in his touch. I wanted to ask again. Before I could say anything, Mark pinched my dick head. I yelled, fucking stop it! Mark seemed to be enjoying the session. The nipple clamps were removed and my shirt was tore off. I felt vulnerable being in an unknown place naked while people were filming me. Mark massaged my crotch. My bulge became to grow. There was a small hole on my briefs. Mark forced open and tore my briefs apart with his strong arms. I was completely naked now. My hard dick sprang up from the excitement. He used two fingers to scoop my pre-cum to used my saliva to lube his ass. Carefully, he positioned his ass in front of my dick. Bit by bit he took my dick in his ass. Until finally my entire cock had disappeared inside him. His ass was fucking my dick! His teeth found my nipples and were biting on them. I found the stiffening of my hard. The moment Mark removed his butt, my dick exploded cum juice all over everywhere!
By TopFckrBbc9

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