Monday, July 18, 2016


It was 1am, but I got dressed and walked into the Green Lantern. I went to a bar known as strictly a pick up place, bought a beer and looked around. There was sex going on in the back room and more in the bathroom.

After a while I noticed a sexy, attractive black guy standing in the corner. He was good looking and I’ve always been attracted to black men. As a whole, they are very sensuous and sexual. Their skin is smoother and feels silky to the touch. I like the contrast of my white skin against their darker skin. I’m sure he’s not interested, but he’s the only guy I’ve seen that interests me. What the hell, the worst he can do is say no. I walk up to him and speak, he says hello. After a few minutes of idle chat I decide to go for broke- “Look, it’s late and I’m horny. I’m not interested in a quickie in the back. I live a few blocks away. Want to come home with me?” He just nods and we leave.
Okay, wow! I’ve got this super sexy stud, following me home. We didn’t talk, didn’t ask what the other one wanted, but hey, for him I’m down for anything he wants to do! We get to the house and start to undress; he stands back and waits until I’m naked, then he takes off his shirt. He’s got a great body, nice arms, strong, broad shoulders and a tight, muscular chest. His skin is a deep, chocolate color and it’s smooth. As his pants fall to the floor his huge cocks springs out. He pushes me down to my knees and rubs his cock across my face. Already he’s pre-cumming and he leaves slick, wet trails across my cheeks, over my lips, teasing me with it, Finally he takes it and pushes it into my eager mouth. I’m running my tongue around the head under his foreskin and I have both hands around it. I start sucking on that beautiful cock, looking up at that hot, muscular body. He pulls me up and pushes me toward the bed, then climbs in on top of me. Our bodies are grinding around each other and I feel his dick find its way between my ass cheeks. He starts gently thrusting that fat dick against my tight pink hole... Omg, it feels so good! My ass cheeks are completely slick with his precum and his head if pushing against my hole, each thrust brings him closer to entry. I’m completely intoxicated by him. Finally, I feel the head of his dick start to push inside. He whispers in my ear... Be still, open that white pussy up for me. I’m gonna flood that ass.
I’m helpless to resist. I’m amazed that he managed to enter me with a dick that large with no lube, but there he is, I feel so full. Damn this is some good white man pussy!” Then he starts moving inside me again, slow, easy strokes. The pain is easing and being replaced by an incredible feeling or warm, wet pleasure. Oh damn this feels so good, He picks up momentum and his strokes get longer. He’s pulling his cock almost all the way out then sending the entire length back into me, over, and over again. Suddenly I realize that he’s about to cum, and there’s no condom. “No, don’t cum in me, there’s no rubber.“ Oh yeah baby, I’m going to bust my nut in you. You know you want it, stop fighting me. I’m going to mark this hole, shut up and take this black cum!”
I know I shouldn’t but he’s right, I DO want to feel this handsome hot black man pumping his seed into me. I want to feel the full heat of his orgasm. And let’s face it, what can I do. He outweighs me and he’s going to breed me whether I like it or not. I relax and submit totally to that incredible dick pounding inside me.

“Oh fuck yeah, man, breed me. Dump that load in my hole!” I shout as his body starts to tremble and his thrust become faster, deeper and more intense.
“Oh yeah fuck man! Here it comes; I’m going to seed your lily white ass with this black cum! Fuck, take this black dick!
With that he let loose a blast of cum. I could feel it pumping thru that fat dick filling my stretched anus to maximum!

By AnonymousSlut49

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