Monday, July 18, 2016


This is my first post, My name is Nick, I’m 36, 5’9”, with short hair average body. I think of myself as bisexual, although for the past year or so I’ve been having sex with guys exclusively. I love sucking dicks and tasting cum, and enjoy the occasional cock up my ass. Basically, I guess I just like making guys cum! My buddy Mack called me up and asked if I wanted to go running in some nearby woods. I smiled at the thought because Mack knows how horny I get walking around in nature. He’s fucked me a few times in his car and outside in the bushes. Feeling horned as usual, I readily agreed to go running with him. An hour later, we met off down the main trail. After about 15 minutes, we branched off onto a seldom-used trail.
It was a gorgeous day in July, with a cool breeze and a nice bright sun. The refreshing breeze, the warm sun, and the fragrant odor of summer got my dick stirring and me thinking of shedding my clothes. As if reading my mind, Mack suggested that I take off all my clothes. The trail was pretty remote, so I immediately began to strip off my shoes, socks, and shirt. I was rock hard by the time I pulled down my shorts and was totally bare in front of him—I didn’t bother wearing underwear for the trip. Mack gathered up my clothes and then had me turn around. He said he was going to hide them in the woods where only he would be able to find them. After a minute or so he returned, gave my hard, naked ass a gently slap and said for us to keep walking. I walked down the trail completely nude in front of him, leaving all my clothes behind. My cock was already stiff, but I got even more excited being naked while Mack had his clothes on, and at the prospect of getting caught in the nude by other runners with no way to cover my nakedness! We were walking around like that for the better part of an hour, or about 2-3 miles from my clothes. My bare dick stayed hard the entire time, and I noticed that Mack had a very obvious bulge in his black shorts. He directed me off the trail and we walked cross-country for several minutes until we reached a natural clearing. We stopped and Mack pushed his shorts to his knees and pulled out his stiff blkcock. He ordered me to suck it even though I was already squatting down in from of him to do just that. He had a very large drop of pre-cum that I immediately licked up, and then I went to work licking and sucking his cock and balls. I gave his sweet balls a thorough tongue bath, licked my way up the underside of his shaft and finally wrapped my lips around his cock head. I let him fuck my mouth and was eagerly anticipating tasting his sperm, but he pulled his dick out, pulled up his shorts part way and told me to go over lean up against a nearby metal standing thing.
 He had me spread my legs and stick out my bare butt so my asshole was fully exposed. Before long I felt his lubed-up dick rubbing against my smooth, nude butt hole. He eased his cock inside me, grabbed my bare hips and slowly began to move in and out of my puckered anus. Mack has fucked me before, so lately I’d been letting him screw me bareback. His lubedup bare, 9-inch cock felt fantastic inside me. At that point I was so turned on, my knees were weak and trembling. He gradually increased the pace of his thrusts and I could feel and hear his balls slapping against my butt cheeks. Finally, with a loud moan of pleasure, he pushed into me as far as possible and ejaculated deep into my rectum! He stayed inside me for a minute or so until his dick began to go soft. As he pulled out of me, I could feel his cum dripping from my asshole. He must have been saving up for a while, because there was a LOT of sperm running out and down my legs.

Eventually I heard him pulling up his shorts and he informed me that he was going to run around by himself for a while and leave me as I was. I was thrilled by the thought of being left there out in the open alone, totally nude, my bare ass sticking out, and my asshole and legs covered with cum. I heard him trudge off and I was left there alone, feeling very vulnerable, but extremely excited. If anyone were to encounter me there, it would be pretty obvious that I’d just been fucked in the ass and covered in semen. Mack finally came back after that, we headed back in the direction of my clothes, me still totally naked and Mack with his clothes on. About halfway there, he had us step off the trail one more time so I could suck his dick. I did so eagerly and was rewarded by a surprisingly big load of hot semen squirting into my mouth. We then resumed our journey. I walked naked down the trail with a huge grin on my face, the taste of sperm in my mouth, and cum still dribbling out of my butt hole. I had never been happier!

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