Wednesday, April 19, 2017


I always had the fantasy to blow a few random black guys. Feeling super horny smoking pot and drinking whiskey. I got the courage to go to a popular restroom in a busy shopping mall close to downtown. I always saw lots of hot sexy black men there and today I was going to taste a big chocolate dick. I was nervous as hell. Then this black guy walked inside the restroom. I stood pretending to wash my hands at the sink while looking at him the entire time at urinal. He noticed me staring through the mirror and asked me, "Do you like what you see?" I nervously responded, I do, I do. Can I see your big black dick? He confidently turned around and shook it as if he were waving me over. I told him I was a married guy, but very curious how it would be to suck a big black dick. he told me to follow him into the handicap stall. Once we were in the stall I dropped  to my knees, mouth open facing his stiff black meat. I started to suck his big mushroom head.. He was enjoying it a lot. Finally he began to fuck my mouth. I never took a black dick deep before so every thrust he would go a little deeper. Before I knew it he was all the way down my throat. It was the best feeling. he was fucking my mouth and I did not want it to stop. I told him let me know when you're gonna cum. I want you to fill my mouth. So I can enjoy the taste. Omg, he released a huge creamy load. Thought I was going to drown. I swished it around for a while before I swallowed it. He zipped up and left out the restroom before I got out the stall. While washing my hands at the sink. I noticed there was 4 new black men at the urinals and they were all staring at me. That's when I had the  idea to suck their cocks also. So my first trip to the restroom I sucked 5 big black dicks in one evening. I am now and forever a addicted to black dick!

By PigBoyBBC, Canada

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