Thursday, June 1, 2017

VISITING DC : Viewer Stories

I met this sexy younger black guy on growlr who was visiting DC for memorial weekend. me chubby white 50's. I went to meet him at his hotel. I knocked on his room door horny and  nervous, He opened the door wearing a t-shirt only. My mouth dropped open as I walked in staring at his fat black dick. He kissed me and I immediately started stroking him.

Dropping to my knees with mouth open wide. He stuck that big black dick in my mouth tasting lots of precum.. Mmm, it tasted really good!

He grunted and moaned while I licked his dick head and his big black balls. I couldn't stop sucking his dick. After 25 minutes I felt his big dick swelling as he fucked my throat.

When he was going to cum he pulled my head to the base and held me there. I began jerking off and cuming while swallowing his load. After I sucked all the nectar from his juicey black dick.. He pulled me up off my knees and kissed me before sending me on my way.

That hookup experience has changed me forever. I slept with four more black guys during last weekend in DC. Before I only dreamed of what chocolate meat would taste like. Now I know for a fact once you go Black, its hard to go back to anything less.

By Wguy4BBDnDC

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