Saturday, April 18, 2009

I am forty-four and divorced. I have never been with a man, but lately I have been fantasizing about those big black, hard and throbbing cocks on my dvd's... wondering what it would be like to be dominated buy one or two. Being made to focus only on it and worship it with my mouth and throat until it feeds me loads of warm cum. You see, I am into kinky sex and this would be extreme kink for me. 
I started reading stories about white men being dominated by well endowed black men and being trained to worship their cocks. This turned me on, big time. I fantasized I was the white cock sucker in all the stories. I even bought an 8” black dildo and when wife was asleep, I would go into bathroom, smoke pot and practice deep throating it. I would jack myself off and cum every time I had it shoved all the way in my throat with my slobber all over it. The more I did this, the more I wanted my black cock fantasy to be real.

I started going into the gay chat rooms looking for dominant black men that I could talk to, but could not find any. One night when I got very drunk, I wrote this in the chat room----
Curiousmn: m/wm/44 in MD/DC area—I am looking to service a hard, black cock. I have xxx video tapes that you can watch (sorry, no gay tapes) while I worship your hard, cum filled cock. I want to be dominated by it and made to swallow every drop that it feeds me. Yours to use, John.

I was hard the whole time I wrote this, wondering what would happen if someone would actually answer it. No one ever did, in the gay chat rooms, so I went to the bi sexual rooms and after a couple of weeks, I got this message------
Whalebone70: s/bm/39--- DC -- I think I can make use of your services Curiousmn. Go to private chat and I will join you there.

I was shaking and very excited while I talked with him. He told me that he was not a gay, but had always wanted his own personal cock slut. He took control of the conversation right away and soon, I found myself telling him how much I would love to suck his cock and use my mouth for his pleasure. He had me agreeing to meet with him and see what happens from there. I told him that I really wanted to do this, but that this would be my first time doing anything like this and would need a drink or two (or something) so that I wouldn’t chicken out. I told him that in public, I would be very straight, but when we got behind closed doors, I would be his very own cock slut, but not into anal or pain. We chatted for about 45 minutes and the whole time I was playing with my very hard dick, and told him so. He told me that if I wanted to serve him, I had to start right now, and that meant, I was not allowed to cum until I was with him. I told him that he was in control and I would obey. I lied, and jacked off just thinking about how much I really wanted to suck his cock. days later, we met at a bar close to where he lived. He told me to make sure I brought some dvd's with me. When I got to the bar he was in a booth in the back where he said he would be. And when he stood up to shake hands, He was thick and stocky dark brown man.

He looked so straight, it scared me. I felt so weak  and overpowered by him that I almost left. Especially when he took my hand in his. I believe in a firm handshake, but his huge hand almost crushed mine. He was letting me know who was in charge right away. We sat opposite each other in the booth. He was drinking a vodka and I ordered a double OF gin. I was so nervous and needed that drink right away.

I'd smoked a joint on the way over here and had a good buzz already going, but when my drink came I downed it right away and ordered another one. He noticed how on edge I was and leaned over telling me to take it easy and that he had some good shit at his place that would relax me just fine. I told him, that sounded great because I needed something to help lower my inhibitions. He said “Don’t worry little my friend; what I have will knock your socks off”. Then he asked if I had brought the dvd's. I told him that they were in a bag in my car. He wanted to know what was on them and I told him that it was black men with white women. I told him that I hoped that he would like them as much I do. It shows the sexual power that black men have and how they control the women with their large black cocks. He just smiled and said “now you want to be controlled by one, don’t you?” I was starting to really feel the pot and booze now, and when he said that, my heart started pounding and even as scared as I was, I was also excited and very hard. And when I looked into those piercing eyes I knew, for sure, that I did want this to happen and slowly nodded my head. I could not believe that I was actually telling a stranger, that I wanted to be controlled by him.
As I was finishing my third double, and was feeling his cock under the table and imagining what it looked like.
He asked me if I was sure that I still wanted to go through with this, because when we got to his place, there would be no turning back and he that he would use me totally for his own pleasure. Now I was shaking a little from the excitement that I was feeling, and just whispered, yes sir. He also wanted to know if I understood that he was completely in charge at all times. I told him that I understood.
He said it was time to go and as he stood up my eyes were drawn to his crotch.I could see the outline of a very big cock in those jeans and it made my knees weak and it was hard to stand up. I had on baggy sweat pants and without underwear on; I had a little tent that was sticking right out there for anyone to see. He looked down at it and smiled, he now knew, for sure, that I was turned on about this. As we walked out, it was obvious that this white man with an erection belonged to that giant of a black man. I did not care anymore. I could not tare my eyes away from that huge piece of meat. I was so turned on that I would have drooped to my knees and sucked him right there in front of everyone. When he finally spoke, I looked up and saw that big smile as he told me to get the dvd's. He also told me that he only lived a block away and that I would soon have that cock all to myself. He said this loudly and I felt myself blush because I knew the others had heard him.

As soon as we were inside his place, he took the dvd's from me and told me to strip  down to only my white t-shirt, while he put the dvd in.

I felt kinda silly, standing there and spouting an erection. He then sat in a large chair as the movie started. When he briefly looked at my dick, he chuckled and said “I can see why you want to serve a real man’s cock”.

He told me to get on my knees in front of him, but make sure I did not block the TV. He reached into a small box next to him and pulled out a blunt. As he lit it, he told me that the pot was strong. He took one hit off it, then handed it to me and told me that I had to finish it. As my shaking hand took it from him and I put it to my lips I could tell that this shit was going to send me to never, never land.

He started taking off his clothes and told me not to take my eyes off of the cock that I would soon be serving, and I was not to touch it until he was ready. That was no problem, because I had not taken my eyes off it since we had left the bar.

After three hits off that blunt, my head was spinning. I sat back on my heels and had lost my hard on. That did not last long, because, as he removed his underwear I saw what I had been craving for so long and I started to get hard again. Even semi hard it was at least 9” long and thick. As he watched the movie, he casually started playing with it, and it started getting bigger. I could not have taken my eyes off of that beautiful black cock, even if I had wanted to. I started swaying back and forth, closer and closer to it and my mouth was starting to salivate. I was in a daze and my whole world revolved around his cock. I wanted to give myself to him completely and let him use my mouth, my lips, my tongue, and my throat for his pleasure.

He reached down and took a shoelace out of one of his shoes and tossed it to me. He told me to tie it tight around my little dick, under my balls, because he wanted me to stay hard while I worshiped his cock. He said I could touch myself, but could not make myself cum. After I had done that, he spread his long legs and had me get between them. He said I could get as close as I wanted, as long as I did not touch it. 

I was in heaven as my face moved closer to that big veined throbbing piece of meat. It was at least 11” and hard as a rock now. He just watched the movie and slowly stroked it as I moved down close to his big balls so I could smell his manly scent, never taking my eyes off that magnificent monster. I could not stand it anymore and started to beg him to let me take it in my mouth. 

My head was swimming with lust and want for his cock. He took me by the hair and pulled me up so that my eyes were close to the big mushroomed head of his cock and I could see and smell a large glob of pre-cum oozing from the slit. He took his finger and scooped it up, then rubbed it all over my lips and slid his finger into my mouth. I sucked on his finger and licked my lips all I could think about in my clouded and very hazy mind, was how good it tasted and how I wanted him to feed me more of this delicious nectar. My hands were now on his thighs as he lifted my chin, looking into my cock filled eyes and asked if I was ready to be his total cum slut and do anything to belong to that cock. I was so high and turned on, and told him that I was his to use anyway he wanted, just please; let me take that cock into my mouth. He new he had me at his mercy and was going to take full advantage of this cock sucker. Then he said “let’s see how bad you really want my cock”. He took another finger full of his precum, put both feet on the chair, scooted to the edge so that his ass was very close to my face, and pushed the wad of cum deep inside. He told me that he would let me have his cock after I proved to him that I was totally his, by using my tongue to dig it out and swallow it. something like this. But now, I wanted to show him that I would do anything (no matter how filthy it was) to have that hard cock deep in my mouth.

As I stared up at that big cock, I stuck my tongue right into his puckered ass hole and started moving it around. He put his hand behind my head and pulled me in closer so that I could dig deeper into his ass hole. I felt so depraved, and I loved it, my tongue found that wad of cum and started feeding it back into my mouth. I kept licking and swallowing until I had his ass completely cleaned out. He then pushed my head down so that my nose was forced into his very sweaty ass. He told me to breathe deeply and get used to his scent, because when I wasn’t sucking cock, I would be eating his ass. I was so fucked up now, that when he farted, I just inhaled it, as if it was the smell of roses. He now moved my whole face around his juicy ass and told me that I was all his now and he would feed me my just desert.
He pulled me up so that my mouth was right over his cock. There was a large amount of pre-cum dripping out of the slit. He held me there as he watched me stretch my tongue out trying to get to it. He told me to beg for it, and I did. I moaned, please, please let me have it.'

He leaned back and my mouth dropped right down and I slurped all the gooey cum out of that slit, loving the taste and feel of it. Now I was really shaking as I opened my mouth as wide as I could and took that large mushroomed head between my lips. I started sucking and slurping on that wonderful black cock, as if my life depended on it. 
My dick was throbbing now and I started to touch it and make it cum, but he told me to put my hands on his ass and just service his cock until I milked every last drop from it. Mmm, I loved the power his cock had over me. I kept forcing more and more of it into my mouth. Soon I was gagging and chocking on it. My saliva was running down the long shaft, soaking his balls. He told me to grab his ass tighter and force his cock down my throat until he feed me his man juice. I grabbed that hard ass and forced that huge cock as far as I could into my throat. My nose was running and my eyes were tearing as I gagged on it, but all I could think about was having that hot cum shoot into my mouth and feed me what I so desperately wanted. I could not believe how much of that cock I was able to take into my throat. I had all but about 2” of that 11” shaft logged into my mouth. He told me to use my throat muscles and swallow until I was totally impaled on his cock.
I grabbed his ass tighter and swallowed, using my throat muscles as I forced myself to take all of it. I could not breathe, but I didn’t care anymore. In my weed crazed mind I would die with his cock buried deep in my throat. I managed to pull off for a second to catch a breath, then I force fucked that cock into my mouth and throat. I had my tongue swirl around that big veined piece of meat until it touched his balls. I felt it swelling and starting to throb. I had my nose buried in his pubic hairs as I felt his cum start to gush into my throat. My head was spinning as I accepted his offering to me. He pulled out enough so that it was now filling my mouth to make sure that I had the full flavor of his warm gooey man juice. I was swallowed as fast as I could, but it was overflowing down my chin. I could not believe what happened next. As he was filling my cock sucking mouth, my tied up dick started shooting out cum, without me even touching it. I knew that from this moment on, I belonged to him and he could use me anyway he wanted. AND HE HAS!!! So you see, I am at his beck and call, anytime he wants me.
I have learned to sit on his lap with that huge cock buried up my ass. It makes me cum every time it fucks into my prostrate. He has me drink his piss and soon I will probably be eating his shit. When I am with him, he keeps me fucked up on that special pot and even lets his friends use me. I swallow anything their black cocks feed me, and love it. I lost my marriage, but I don’t care anymore, because I am now a cock sucking, cum loving, black cock slut. Not the end, but a new beginning.                                                          
     Dallas, Texas,
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Dallas, Texas


  1. Great story!!!!
    I am so hot for some, Masculine bbc company now!

  2. BBCLover4Life is living my dream!