Saturday, May 31, 2014

VIEWER STORIES - OWNED BY A BLACK DADDY've always had a love for big, fit, man of color with a big cock. I've always dreamed to one day worship one. I would be totally faithful to him/them. 

Yesterday i was walking down the street, this big man, flat stomach (roughly 5'11, 220lbs) smooth great brown skin, no shirt, amy fatigues on. I start to stare at his body. He goes up to me and says "yo white boy". I say back "hi" and he said "come here for a second". I just staring at his stomach, I go over to him. he tells me he just went running and is real sweaty. The sweat was just dripping off his face and off of his big black pecs. Ii couldn't help but stare at those lovely pecs. I said, covering up my love for his body, "why did you call me over?", He said "I have a surprise to show you. Come inside for a bit." Uncontrollably, I step inside his house. He locks the door and says "I saw you looking at me.

Your mouth was watering and I know you want this. just say it. tell me u want this!" i tell him i want this and he said "Good now take that shirt off" i take it off and he said to take my pants off. i do as im told and take them off. as im standing there in just my briefs he sits down on his bed. he tells me to come over. so i do and just as im right in front of him, he grabs my head and shoves it under his arm pit, with my nose and mouth in the place where the hair is. the smell was very musky but i enjoyed it. next he says "niff my pits and lick em'." i sniff and lick them and then he grabs my head and puts it right at his big chocolate pecs and he says " suck these. i start sucking on those nips and he starts to laugh in happiness.

I feel my cock becoming rock hard. i reach down to his cock and i feel the biggest bulge ever! he says "your want this" and i responded "yes sir" he unzips his pants and pulls his briefs down just so his cock and balls hang out. "now suck this big 12 inch long fat uncut cock, my Boy" he says. i open my mouth wide and swallow his amazing cock all the way to his balls. i go back up and start licking his foreskin clean. i go back to deepthroughing it and in a instant, he grabs my hear and starts to fuck my face. the feeling of his cock sliding into my neck made me start to jerk my cock. he yell "dont do that yet! youll need that cum for something special" after hes done fucking my face he pulls my head away and he goes doggystyle. he says "pull down my pants and briefs with your teeth." i do as he tells me and i put my face in his ass and he rips a huge fart right on my face. he said "i have more where that came from. now shove your tounge in that nice black hole." i lick that ass clean and he goes and sits on my face and starts ripping fart left and right.

I grab his cock and start to jerk it. he gets up and lays flat down. "lay on me with your face at my big size 13 feet." i obey and he yells "take my socks off now using your teeth." i do and he shoves the 1 in my mouth and tells he to suck and chew on it. he takes the sock out and says " now suck my dirty fucking black feet, Boy." his cock and my cock were touching each other and i stared to hump his black dick while sucking every last bit of sweat off his huge feet. i felt as if he owned me now and i couldnt resist him. after 10 min of my licking his feet he tells me to go back to sucking his fucking black cock. i do so and he face fucks me again. he quickly throws me down face down on the bed and shoves his black dick up my ass and i swear it was up to my brain.

Its was fully in and he was forcibly blasting it in my body. this must have gone on forever and he told me "now its time for me to finish." i go back to servicing his cock and all feel a blast of warm cumm shoot down my troaght. he laughs and shots more down me. he pulls his cock out and puts more on my face. he tells me its my turn now and he lays on his bed and shoves his dick up my ass and tells my to hop and jerk so he can fuck me while i cum. in no time my load shots all over his body and he told me lick all of this cum of his body so we can get ready for the next thing. he lays under the covers and tells me to put my head on in his ass. do as im told and i could barely breath under there. he starts to rip the worst farts ever and i enjoys it. right before he went to sleep he said "you are my Boy and I am your Black Daddy. I will be called Black Daddy."

Brad J, Lil Rock AK

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