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Have you ever had that feeling where you thing someone is gay, but at the same time you aren’t so sure? Well that’s exactly how I felt about Jermaine. I had just come out of the closet a year ago, during my senior year 2007. I was now in college and I was living happily, now that I didn’t have to hide my true feelings. Yet, my only sexual experience had been to blow off my best friend Steven, who was going to the navy. I had invited him to my house and as the day went on, I was able to come out to him and I ended up giving him head, but that was it.

I was dying to have all out sex and get fucked real good, but I had yet to have the opportunity. My looks were definitely not the problem, and before I came out, girls were always trying to hit on me. Im about 5’ 8” so im not the tallest, but I have a nice six pack with beefed up arms and legs. I have green eyes and dirty blonde hair and one of the nicest asses around. I love staring at my ass and seeing how it bulges in my semi tight fitting jeans. The problem though, was that I didn’t find so many guys that I liked and I really wanted a masculine, strong guy who worked out as much as I did and could treat me like his bitch.

In college most of the gays were really flamboyant and I wasn’t really in that crowd. Most of them looked at me and starred and wanted me to nail them, but I was the one who wanted to get nailed. I was pretty sure that I would be versatile one day, but for my first time other than that blowjob, I wanted to be submissive. I enjoyed the idea of someone pushing a hard dick into my ass and getting the pleasure out of pounding on it, until they came inside.
I had heard stories from the girly guys that they had gotten such and such straight guy to fuck them, and how this soccer player and that baseball player nailed them in secrecy. Deep down, that is what I wanted. It was a feeling that no one could change and I knew that for me to be happy, I had to find a guy like that.

So during college, I stayed at a condo my parents had bought years earlier on the beach and not at the dorms. The condo was only 20 minutes away and I drove on a daily basis in my red infiniti G35 which all the guys at school drooled about. I had it hooked up with nice rims, a spoiler and a supercharger, so it was no surprise that a lot of guys always stared when I drove by. That’s how I met Jermaine. I was parking into my reserved space on campus and Jermaine was walking by and mentioned, nice ride! I said thanks and got my books out of my trunk and noticed him looking at me weird. I guess not weird, but different. While he was walking away, I kind of felt like he was staring at my ass or at least looking me up and down. I didn’t know if it was because of my clothes, which was always brand name and expensive, my style or my body. I just know that I felt a tingling inside and I kept smiling at him and became very attracted to him.

After I finished getting my things out of my car, I headed to the library to work on a paper for my freshman composition class. About an hour after sitting down, I hear the same voice as earlier ask, can I sit here? I look up and there is Jermaine again. I told him to go right ahead and looked down as if to keep working on my paper. It became really difficult to work on it though, because I felt him staring again and I kept thinking about how hot he was. Within a couple of minutes he asked, so what are you working on? I told him it was an essay about health and exercise for my composition class and that I had decided to write about sports. He mentioned that he was on the football team on campus and that maybe I should go to the games before the season was over. I told him I would definitely go if I got the chance. I told him about me living off campus at the condo and he said that he did too, and that had made it difficult for him to get a ride sometimes. Being the nice person that I am, and wanting to get to know him better, I let him know that I could give him a ride anytime. Deep down, you know what kind of ride it was that I wanted to give him. We kept talking for a while and I enjoyed looking at his body. He wasn’t one of those huge football players, he was actually smaller. He was about 5’ 9” so just a bit taller than me. His biceps were huge though and his quads looked like those on a horse. His body was amazing and I noticed his hazel-green eyes that demanded attention when you gazed into them. I could tell he was probably mixed black and white (found out later he was black and latino), because he had that nice caramel colored skin that we all wish we had.
So at during the week, I saw Jermaine a few more times and he would smile and stare. I felt he was gay, but at other times I would see him making out with this really good looking cheerleader. Maybe he just liked my car, or thought I was rich and was trying to use me or something, but I enjoyed the attention. That Friday I decided to go to the football game with a couple of my female friends and scope out the guys. I saw Jermaine after they won the game 38-7 and he had taken his helmet off. His body looked amazing in that white and blue uniform, and I loved looking at his crotch, where his cup was covering his prized possession. It looked pretty big from my perspective, but there was only one way to know for sure. I headed down with the girls and we stood near their locker room and all enjoyed watching them walk around with their shirts off. The girls mentioned how hot Jermaine was and I told them how I was falling for him and they talked about how we could share him, and we just laughed.

Back at the stadiums parking lot, I said bye to the girls and got in my car. I was texting with my sister who was asking me how my classes were going, while I waited for the traffic to start moving. To my surprise I hear a tap on my window and when I look, there was Jermaine. I put the window down a bit and said, hey how’s it going? He smiled and said, I don’t mean to bother you but, I don’t have a way of getting home tonight. Do you think you can take me? Ill give you gas money, he added. Hop in, I said, and you don’t have to pay me, but I have to go home first to change because im going out, and I can drop you off afterward if that’s ok with you. He said anything was ok, that he wasn’t in a hurry.

We drive out of the parking lot and Jermaine was wearing his team pants but with a wifebeater on top. He smelled of sweat, but honestly that just turned me on. His biceps just got to me and I got a hard on just looking at them. With the corner of my eye, I see him adjust his balls and that just threw me over the top. He asked me where I was going to and I told him KRASH, and he said, oh, the gay club. I didn’t expect you to like places like that; you seem more reserved.

I told him that I didn’t go often but that it was a friends birthday and she wanted to celebrate it there with her girlfriend. I asked him if he wanted to go and that there would be straight girls there too and he said that he would but that he didn’t have clothes. I looked at him and knew I had clothes to fit him so I told him you can borrow some of mine and shower at my house. I’ll even pay for your ticket and drinks if you come along. He smiled and said, hey! If you are going to pay the drinks, then im there!

We get to my apartment and he mentions how nice it is and that he wished his place was as nice. I have Jermaine follow me into my room and he picks out some things that he likes and he was really surprised by how much clothes and how expensive it was and he was worried that he would mess it up. I told him it wasn’t a problem and showed him to the bathroom. That’s when I got the first big surprise of the evening. As I go back to iron my clothes, Im facing the bathroom and Jermaine had never closed the door. He sees that im there and he just starts to get undressed and when he got his boxers off, he gave his dick a tug. I was so amazed, that my dick got an instant hard on. I wasn’t just amazed at his action, but also at the size of his dick. He stares at himself in the mirror and flexes his arms, and rubs his stomach and says, I think I need to work out some more. I just looked at him and laughed and told him, I don’t think so, you look perfect. I’m glad I said that because he would know that I was physically attracted to him. After that, he jumped in the shower and began to sing. I found that so sexy and just wished I was in there with him and also to get a closer look at that huge piece of meat. I began to get hot and started to sweat, just imagining myself in there with him.

I know that praying and wishing to god could make things happen, but what I was wishing at that moment, I really didn’t expect to be fulfilled. Jermaine says, Hey, are you going to shower before you go? I replied yea, but that I normally don’t take long so we should be able to leave quickly. He said, oh that’s ok, but I was actually going to say that you can hop in here if you like. My heart dropped to where I swear it almost came out of my ass and jumped up and almost came out the other way. I stayed quiet and my body became numb. I didn’t know how to react, but I knew that I really did want to be in there with him. I took my clothes off as fast as I could and I went to the bathroom. My dick was fully erect and my veins were even popping out a bit. I wasn’t nervous about him seeing it, because I knew I was packin pretty good, but I hoped that his was hard too so that I wouldn’t be embarrassed. I stayed looking at myself in the mirror and just looking at my eyes and wondering how this was happening to me. I didn’t want to rush in there either because I didn’t want him to think I was a quick piece of ass. I was wanting dick really bad, but that never means to have sex with the first person that walks by. I decided to go ahead and do it and when I pulled the shower curtain a bit, I see him gently jerking at his cock, and that’s when I saw truly how big it was. His had to definitely be at least 10 inches and was very thick. It was a lot thicker than mine and I actually got scared, but joyful at the same time. I get in and he smiles and the sight of water running down his godly body and down the length of his dick just about gave me a heart attack. I know that seeing a naked man this close and with a hard-on like that, would make any guy or girl squirm inside.

He moves over and grabs my arm and gently pulls me under the shower head. As the water begins to run down my body, I feel the steam rising and going into my lungs. There was a sense of calm and sensuality in the air that I had never experienced. He had soap in his hands, and he began to rub it on my shoulders. He massaged me in such a hot and heated manner, that I was ready to give him anything he asked for at that moment. He worked down into my back and then extended his arms around my body and lather up my abs. Again, slowly and sensually, he keeps rubbing and this time into my pecs. My entire body was set off and I was ecstatic. I kept my eyes closed and while he was rubbing my body I felt him put his mouth on my neck and give me a quick bite. He kept doing little bites and then began to suck my neck and run his tongue all the way up behind my ear, and bite it as well. The tingling that I felt all over my body at that point was too much to bare, but I just let him keep going. He pulled my body closer to his and I felt his erection push up into my butt cheeks. It was warm and hard as a rock. I began to grind onto it as if to tell him that I wanted it. He brings his hands down from my pecs and without separating them from my body, he made it down to my crotch. He didn’t give my dick a tug or a pull, but he just rubbed all over and played with my balls a bit.

The feelings stayed pretty much about the same, and I was in such ecstasy that I had yet to say one word. Jermaine hadn’t said anything either but our actions were doing all the talking at that point. Jermaine let go off my balls and with his right hand he pulled my hip back and with his left he pushed my shoulder forward. I knew this meant he was trying to make me bend over and I did. I feel the water running all over my back and Jermaine’s hands spreading my butt cheeks apart. He places his head in between and licks at my hole and the kisses it. He kept at it for a couple of minutes before he stopped and stood back up. With his right hand, Jermaine picks up my right foot and places it on the side of the bath tub, so that my ass was spread out. I knew that I was close to getting fucked for the first time and my heart beat as hard as the pounding Jermaine was about to give me. I tried to relax in anticipation and felt him place his cock head on my hole and rubbed up and down. It felt amazing but all I wanted was to have it in me. I didn’t want to rush Jermaine and I felt like he knew what he was doing, so I allowed him to do all that he wanted. He gets the tip onto my hole again and pulls my hip back a bit and pushes in. As the head was opening my hole, a screeching pain travelled throughout my body. I squeezed my legs and pulled forward and he stopped but still kept the head inside me. I was breathing heavily and I didn’t know if it was water or sweat running down my face. I hurt really badly, and the thickness of his dick wasn’t helping. Soon though, the pain subsided and I was able to calm down. I pushed back a tiny bit and opened my legs apart again, and Jermaine began to push in. His dick was thicker about 4 inches down and then got a tad thinner towards the base. Has he got the fattest part of his dick in, it hurt like hell but I just let him push in all the way. When he got to my anal wall, I felt like I was going to tear inside, but Jermaine just stopped and let me get calm again.

Soon enough I was calm down and ready to take some more. Jermaine starts to move back and forth and I loved the feeling. I wasn’t feeling anymore pain and was loving the feeling of our bodies being connected. His pace got faster and now the sex felt like a good fucking. I began to moan from all the pleasure he was pushing into me. I knew sex was supposed to feel good, but this was over the top. My right leg was still on the edge to the tub and my ass was pretty spread apart, so he started to pound on me. I got some pain every time he got it all the way in and hit my wall. I could feel his balls slapping onto mine and his legs hitting mine. He grabbed my foot that was lifted onto the tub and pushed it down. He squeezed my two legs together and some more pain came back. I could feel that my ass was tighter now and it was making it more difficult for him to penetrate me, but somehow he kept the same pace and rhythm. From the feelings I was getting from my ass, I was pretty sure that his dick felt great inside my hole.

We kept going for what seemed like an eternity and my ass was becoming numb. Jermaine pulled my upper body up and was now standing and only leaning forward slightly. I placed my hands on the shower wall and now felt like every time he pushed forward, his cock would slide vertically into my body. Jermaine pushed his body closer to mine, wrapped his hands around my body and humped me like a maniac. I felt all warm inside and his dick was getting thicker and I could feel my hole spreading more. Jermaine moaned more and more and his breathing got really heavy. I felt a something in my ass that I had never felt and it was from all the streams of cum that were gushing into my hole. After a few hard pounds, Jermaine stopped and let go of my body. We hadn’t said any words throughout the whole process until he said, damn your ass is tight. I turned around, smiled and whispered into his ear, you were my first! His eyes opened as in disbelief and asked me, really? I said yea, and that I loved it. He smiled and kissed me on the cheek and said that he loved it too. I grabbed the back of his head, looked into his eyes and we began to make out. His tongue swirled with mine just like his cum was swirling inside of me.
We got out of the shower, got dressed and headed to the club. At the club I began to sweat and could still feel the tingling of my body. I was feeling heat all along my bottom and remembered that his cum was still inside me. I went to the rest room and cleaned myself up. That’s when I noticed how much he had came inside me and that I was bleeding a bit. I laughed a bit and felt great that I had finally gotten opened up. That night, I found out that the cheerleader he kept kissing was a girl that was after him but that he wasn’t really interested in her. He hadn’t come out to anybody because of fear that he would be rejected in the football team. He considers himself bisexual but he had never bottomed for anyone. On the drive back, I asked him to stay the night and he did. We were pretty drunk, feeling good and horny. It was an unforgettable night.

Newport News Va.

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