Monday, November 24, 2014


I was on my four night holiday with my best friend Brian. We returned to a guest house we had been at the previous year when a group of friends had also been there , but this time it was just the two of us . Brian was most definitely straight and there was no way I was going to try anything. It was going to be a fun holiday, going to theater and shows at night and all the other attractions at the seaside , including the many clubs and pubs . The first week went really well and during the week our landlady asked if we minded sharing our dining table the next week with two other young lads who were due to spend one week in the guest house. 

They arrived on Saturday and were introduced (Kelvin and Kevin ) They were both quite attractive, especially Kelvin and we soon got to talking. They joined us on the Saturday evening pub crawl and we ended up in a club and all got drunk. It had been a long week without me having jerked off. I was sharing a double bed with Brian and I never really got a chance on my own, so by middle of 2nd week my cock thought I had gone one strike! On the Wednesday after dinner Brian and myself had already booked a show the previous week, so we had a drink with the other lads and agreed to meet after the show in the bowling alley. At about 1 am we decided to go back to the guest house and play some cards. We all piled back into Brian and my room and we played cards for about 2 hours and ended up four of us flaked out on our bed. I awoke next morning squashed between Kevin and Kelvin.

I had my back to Kelvin and he was sort of perched at end of the bed but puched hard against me and I could feel a very big hard cock through all our clothes as he pressed against me. We all slowly came awake and the two lads went off to get changed and ready for breakfast, I couldn't help but notice a huge bulge in Kelvins trousers. After dinner on Thursday it was decided we'd go out to a nite-club. About 2.30 am Kevin and I headed back to guest house and went to our respective rooms. About a couple of hours later I was wakened by Brian coming in the room, I had left the door unlocked. Kelvin was with him and apparently Kevin had locked thier room and he couldn't get in.

So this night, or what was left of it, we are going to be three in a bed!!! Ths time Kelvin and Brian got undressed and properly into bed. I made sure I was in the middle as I thought there may be an opportunity to check out that big hard thing of Kelvins. Anyway both Brian and Kelvin seemed to drop off quickly and because I was pressed against Kelvin I was rock hard. I began to move my hand so it was close to Kelvins cock. I thought to myself why not try a quick feel... So I put my hand over the front of his boxer-short. He was hard and his cock was pointing straight up, although inside his boxer. It felt huge, most impressive. His hand was close to my side and I moved it with mine and placed it around my throbbing cock. I removed my hand and left his hand around my cock. By this time, I am so close to cumming. After nearly two weeks without a busting a load. I was desperate and perhaps even a bit reckless to get off!

I put my hand around Kelvins hand and  he started to slowly massage my cock. It only took about 5 or 6 strokes and I had the most amazing orgasm. The spunk shot all over the place with a lot on Kelvins hand. I didn't know what to do next and lay there for what seemed ages, but really was only about 5 mins. Next thing I feel Kelvin grab my hand and pull it across. He whispered my turn. He pushed down the waistband of his undies and released his cock . I eagerly got my hand around it and started to slowly pump on it. It felt huge, and he already had lots of precum. I learned next day that Brian and he had come back with some chiks and started to make out with them. However both had been left unsatisfied when the chiks both decided they had gone far enough. I was making sure I made the best of getting to grips with Kelvins monster cock. It took him a while to cum, but just as he got to the point of no return he pushed back the sheets so he could squirt on his body. We both lay for about 10 mins and then fell fast asleep. Next morning we were awoken by kevin knocking on our door, he had come to tell me that kelvin had not appeared back. I know, he is here !!! You bloody locked him out.

Kelvin was getting out of bed, huge tent in his boxers with his morning wood. It took a lot of effort to get that big bulge inside his trousers and zip up. I could also see the dried spunk on the fine body hairs. Friday was our last full day, we did the usual pub crawls and other things you do on holiday. Unfortunately that night we ended up in our own beds, although a couple of times during the day I got a good look at his cock as we stood at urinals, even soft it was a big thing to behold. I fantasied about that one niter for years.

Billy McKain, UK

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