Thursday, July 21, 2016


One dark secret that I thought I would never tell was that I was bisexual. I was really afraid that I would run her off in a homo-phobic panic but I was pleasantly surprised by her admission that it did not bother her, and that she wanted to watch me suck another man’s cock. The idea of having a threesome with another man and myself was a turn on! I set out on a quest to make it happen. Jan and I looked through some swinger’s magazines and eventually settled on Tyrone. We set up a meeting and off we went. The meeting was in a motel and after a few moments of introductions, she told us to “get to it”. Jan said that she just wanted to watch so she did not undress. Tyrone and I did undress and got onto the bed. We explored each other and at one point, Tyrone was laying back, an I was between his legs sucking his thick black cock. I asked her to get undressed and she did a strip tease for us guys. Then she got into the bed and became the center of attention. Tyrone and I took turns fucking her and I sucking him. Eventually, Tyrone was fucking her hard and grunted as he filled her pussy with his cum. Then, when he got off of her, Jan ordered me to clean his cock and then suck her pussy clean. Of course I was eager to please so I went to work. First I took Tyrone's thick, cum covered cock in my mouth and licked/ sucked it clean. Then, Jan grabbed the hair at the back of my head and pulled it to her sloppy cunt. I licked and slurped until I had gotten every drop. I was so hard by this time and as I started to get onto Jan, she told me that my job was to be a cum slut. I was then told to suck Tyrone until he came down my throat. If I did a good job, I would be allowed to cum. I got to work and sucked his cock. He had just cum so it took a while. I worked hard though and was rewarded with another rather large load of his black cum down my throat. I was then allowed to fuck Jan. After I came in her, I had to suck her clean again. Then after a bit of talk, we all dressed and left. A new chapter in my life had begun and I was never happier.


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  1. i want can this do too. my mouth is watering!