Monday, July 25, 2016


Orlando met me in the ocean with a kiss. The rough pressure of the moving tides forced our bodies against one another; a position we were both more than content with being in. The feeling of having a wet manly body pressed against yours, is a freeing one; a feeling of immeasurable pleasure. Especially when its for the first time, and in a more than unexpected spur of the moment kind of way. In my wildest dreams or even in my shower fantasies I never thought tonight would end up this way. I never thought I'd ever be caught dead frolicking naked in the ocean with a beautiful jamaican man, or any man for that matter. I never thought I'd ever allow another man to seduce me into doing things I had only imagined in the wildest parts of my dreams.
Or, was I seducing him. Either way it was happening and I wanted it to go further. We brought our session back to the shore;but no further. I took control, bringing Orlando down to the sand and onto his back. His hard 10in Jamaican dick sticking straight up. He grabbed my arms and pulled me down into him. Our lips locked again, as both our now throbbing dicks wrestled one another between our hard bodies. He wrapped his arms around me, and took control flipping me over onto my back. And this is where things really got rough. Orlando was now laying on top of me, grinding his body into mine in a rough rhythm, much like in the dancehall. Our lips still pressed together. He slowly began lifting my legs until my knees were bent and wrapped around his waist. He slid himself further and further under me and between my legs. I soon felt his Jamaican monster pressing at my back door. I knew we had gone way too far now for me to deny his entry. All of a sudden I felt the most intense and extreme pain I'd ever felt in my life. Then the tide came in crashing into us both, and the cool rush of water aided Orlando, the tide invaded me fully. My eyes rolled in the back of my head. I thought I was gonna pass out but not from the pain. The tide was more than an adequate sedative in that regard. Instead I almost passed out because of the sheer amount of pleasure my entire body was experiencing, and all at one time. I had never felt anything like this before. I had never felt so weak, so opened, yet fully and completely satisfied.
Orlando was now in control, thrusting harder and harder, and going deeper than I thought I could take it. But I took it. I took it all. I enjoyed it all. I loved it all. And as the tide invaded the beach again, Orlando released a big load of thick Jamaican cum deep inside me.

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