Wednesday, July 27, 2016


I was working later than usual on a Wednesday night to get a major project completed. I was spending a lot of time making sure everything was done right to impress my boss. It was nearly 8pm when I finally finished the job and decided to head to the employees lounge to get a soda and chips before leaving.

When I got there I saw two of the maintenance crew sweeping and buffing the corridor just down the hall. They were two very hot looking men of color I've noticed several times before. I often go home and jack off to fantasies involving these two studs. Enock and Gerome, as I learned they are called, their work pants amply displayed their tight, round asses and revealed they both were well equipped in the dick department, too! They were fine. Always displayed wearing clinging white knit shirts. My cock began to stir each time I saw them and tonight was no exception.
I decided to have a seat at one of the tables in the lounge. Enjoying my soda and chips, I waited patiently for Enock and Gerome to reach the hallway in front of the open lounge area. It didn’t take long until Enock came by sweeping the hallway. As he reached the maintenance cart by the far end of the lounge entrance, he set his broom into the cart, looked over at me, and smiled.

“Well that looks good, Mr. Migel. Mind if I join you?” he asked. I was gob smacked that he knew my name. “Sure, uh, help yourself,” I gagged, slightly embarrassed by an unexpected crack in my voice, but so anxious to get a chance to speak with that hot stud.

I stared at him as he stood before one of the machines and lingered while making his decision. His broad shoulders and muscular back tapered down to a nice size waist. I got a good chance to ogle over his ass as he bent down to retrieve his beverage and some change. He then ambled over to my table and stopped when he was nearly two or three feet away. His delicious, bulging crotch was almost right in my face.

“Well, you’re working rather late, un usual,” Ennock commented, as he stood there and twisted off the cap of his bottled water. “You must have a big project or something, huh?”
“Yeah, Corporate has me working on a special assignment for one of their bigger accounts,” I responded. “But, fortunately I just finished and thought I would get a quick snack before heading home.”

We both looked up as we heard Gerome’s voice, “Gonna get a good fucking, you pussymouth cocksucker. Who said you could…” his voice abruptly fell silent as he turned the corner and spied Enock and me in the lounge. “Oh, uh, sorry, Mr. Migel I didn’t know you…”
“Don’t sweat it, Gerome,” I quickly cut him off and boldly added. “So Enock is going to get a good fucking, huh?”

“Well, I’m sorryuh...I didn’t know anyone else was…”
“Hey, man, he said don’t sweat it,” Enock. As I looked toward Enock, he had stepped a little closer and was now massaging his bulging crotch and smiling at me. “Maybe, Mr. Migel would like to get in on some of that action. You know we’ve both wanted to get a piece of your sweet ass ever since we first saw you.”

“Please call me Dave,” I responded as I placed my hand beside Enock’ and gently grabbed his black cock. “I think this is just what I need after a long day’s work.”

No one needed any further coaxing and Gerone suggested we head up to the executive lounge. In ten minutes we were up in the lounge, a large, well appointed room with plush furnishings and other “executive amenities.” We all sat down on one of the large, overstuffed sofas and as Gerome grabbed my cock through my pants, Enock leaned over and shoved his warm, wet tongue down my throat. I managed to get my hands on each of their baskets and gently fondled two nice sized black cocks through their tight fitting trousers. We stayed there groping and fondling one another for several minutes and I was getting good and hot.

“Why don’t we get more comfortable?” Enock suggested as he pulled away.
In seconds clothes were ripped off and we all clothes and I finally got a chance to see my two hot studs in all their glory.

Their bodies were both fine with bulging pecs, and two thick cocks swaying heavily before their muscular thighs. Enock pulled me down onto the sofa and again plunged his tongue between my eager lips. Gerome knelt down before me and quickly began to work my now rock hard cock with his lashing tongue and hungry mouth. I reached down and grabbed a handful of Enock raging hard-on. We were all soon moaning as the smell and sounds of sex filled the lounge. This feverish activity continued for several more minutes and I could tell this was going to be one hell of a hot night.
Gerome finally pulled away from my raging cock and grabbed onto my backside, pulling me forward so that my ass was hanging off the edge of the sofa. He then lowered himself to the floor and held my balls higher up, exposing my puckered asshole. I spread my legs further as I felt his tongue lapping at my upper thighs while Enock grabbed my saliva-slicked cock. Gerome’s tongue finally reached his target and I thought I would shoot a load as he dug his hot, moist tongue into my waiting ass. Soon with a combination of his tongue and a finger or two, Gerome was fully exploring my expectant ass.
“Oh, man, you got one fine, sweet ass here, Dave. It’s so hot and tight. Can I get me some of this baby? I just gotta fuck this sweet ass,” he moaned.
“Yeah, Gerome, I need a good fucking right now,” I quickly responded. “I’d also like to get me some of this delicious meat,” I then said to Enock.
So, while Gerome grabbed some lube from his pants, Enock got up onto the sofa and pushed his cock in my face.
“Go on, Dave, suck this black dick,” Enock commanded.

I grabbed Enock’s throbbing meat and began to run my tongue all over the bulbous head and rigid shaft. A dribble of pre-cum formed at the tip and I eagerly lapped it up and then slid my tongue over his piss slit to get every tasty drop. I then opened wide and took him into my mouth. My cheeks bulged as his massive cock filled me to capacity. With one hand still holding on to him, I began to feverishly suck and also jerk on that mighty shaft. Meanwhile, Gerome had returned and was kneeling between my outstretched legs. As I was beginning to take in more and more of Enock’s huge cock, I felt Gerome’s lubed finger plunge up inside of me, preparing me for a hot fucking.
Enock then shifted his body and straddled me on the sofa, placing his strong hands on my shoulders. He sighed lowly as I struggled feverishly to swallow all of that massive meat. My nose finally pressed up firmly against his pubic hairs as that delicious cock filled my mouth and slid down my throat. It was just as I fully engulfed this delicious cock that I felt Gerome’s throbbing cock head press against my anxious asshole.

A shiver of pain shot through my body as Gerome pushed his huge cock head in past my sphincter. For several seconds he held himself there and then shoved in a full inch or two of his monster cock. I groaned in pain as he was already seemingly stretching my ass tighter than I’ve ever felt before. Tears formed in my eyes, but I couldn’t cry out as my mouth was packed with another throbbing cock. Fortunately Gerome took his time after that initial invasion, giving me plenty of time to get used to his thick girth. Ever so slowly he continued to worm his cock deep inside of me.
“Oh, man, what a tight, fucking ass!” Gerome finally blurted out as his cock was splitting me wide open. “This is gonna be one hot fuck.”
He then began to slowly withdraw his full length until just the tip was still inside. Then he would slowly push that rigid cock up my ass. Again and again, Gerome kept up a steady and slow fucking of my gaping asshole. Enock was also now humping my mouth and moaning in pleasure. He was thrusting wildly as I struggled to keep from gagging on his massive cock.

“Oh, man, I’m gonna cum, baby, I’m gonna shoot my load!” Enock yelled as I jerked and sucked his throbbing black cock. I prepared myself for a delicious treat as Enock continued thrusting his hips before me. I grabbed onto his muscular ass cheeks and worked a finger toward his love button. Finding my mark, I slipped a finger into his tight asshole and began to finger his hot ass deeply. This action drove Enock over the edge and he was soon spurting a heavy load of cum down my throat.
Mmmmm, take it, man. Swallow my nut!” Enock demanded as I felt the first splash of warm creamy cum hit the back of my throat. I quickly gobbled down spurt after delicious spurt of his gooey load. It was hard to keep up with his mighty orgasm and cum began to dribble out the sides of my mouth and down my chin. With the final spasm of his massive cock,
Enock sighed and pulled his black cock from my mouth.

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