Wednesday, July 13, 2016


You are going to feel my balls smacking up against your ass fast and furious. I want to breed that ass of yours, yes, oh yes, clench those ass muscles boy. Yes, yes, ah, that's it, I am close and this ass is mine. Ahhhh, yeah, yeah, take that hot man seed you know you want it. Can u feel it inside you? Yeah? Well lets save some cause the rest of it I am going to spray all over your face. Oh, you want to taste it to?Well after I finished cumming you can like it clean.That's it, nothing like a my ball juice drenched over your face. You love the taste of black cum don't you? That's it, start licking that cock clean. Clean up all of it, yes that's it. Clean up my mess, and get used to it. I am not letting you go anywhere, your mine now.

By 10Blkinch

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